Ejaculation Problem

I found a condom and showed it to her. She blushed a little and smiled. I looked at her and I knew before she would say it what she would have said.

"After the day we met I’m on the pill, but thank you for thinking it."

"I was late though, I said. My passion overtook my brains."

"Still you didn’t cum yet."

"I have the stamina of a bull, I said smiling. On your knees, I ordered her."

She smiled back and bent. I grabbed my cock and slowly pushed it in her sweet pussy. When my entire shaft was in, I grabbed her breasts with one hand and her clit with the other. I started pushing back and forward with slow moves as I caressing her clitoris. Her moans were telling me how to move. Once again I felt her pussy squeezing my cock and releasing it. Juices were dripping down and my hand left her clitoris and gathered some. Then I put my finger in her asshole. This went on for several minutes till I put another finger. Her moans become stronger. Her nipples were so hard that a small squeeze could hurt her. When I understood that my fingers loosened her asshole, I took my cock out of her pussy and placed it in her hole. Slowly and gently I put it in her. When I felt resistance I withdraw a bit and then go back again till all my cock’s length was in. I told her to relax. I started moving slowly in and out. Soon my rhythm was faster and I saw her hand rubbing her pussy.

"You are fucking my ass and I like it. No one fucked it before. Oh god I’m dripping cum. You are so gentle with my ass. I never knew that would be so great to have a cock in my ass."

"An ass needs a gentle touch, I said, before it’s ready to be fucked."

"Oh god! Please fuck me harder now. It’s loosen! I can take it. I want you to cum in my ass. I don’t understand why you aren’t cumming yet…"

I followed her order and started ramming her ass as fast as possible. Her hand rubbing her clitoris faster to. But in my mind I knew I couldn’t follow her last order. I knew I couldn’t cum without jerking off. Within few minutes she built up so much pleasure that when her double orgasm explode she screamed…

"Yessssssss!!! I’m coming. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. You finished me off."

She collapsed on the bed with me on top of her. I was feeling her hurt pounding at the same rate as mine. She turned her head and I kissed her lips. I pulled out my cock and lay down near her, our faces looking each other.

"That was the most strong and vigorous I ever had, she whispered and fall asleep…

I went to the toilet and jerked off with my thoughts in our previous moment. I cleaned the mess, had a bath and returned to the bedroom. I covered both of us with the sheet and then placed her in my arms. I was looking her sleeping and I realized that I had tears in my eyes. I haven’t cried since my grandfather died. Something overwhelmed me and my tears came down as a river. For the first time in my life I loved a woman with all my heart but I still couldn’t cum without jerking. I stayed still and looked at the roof. And then I decided that I must see a doctor. There was something wrong with me. Physically or mentally…

The next morning I prepared her breakfast and served her to bed. I woke her up with a kiss and when she opened her eyes, she started apologizing to me. She explained that she was always waking up first in the morning in order to fix her hair and put some make up. I asked her why she was doing this and she said she wanted to be beautiful in to men’s eyes. I stated the way she was looking now was beautiful and that she did not need to do things like that with me. I told her that I understood that people who just woke up wouldn’t look at their best shape but what mattered to me was her just being with me and feeling comfortable. We ate breakfast together making plans on what we will do later on when my mobile rang.

"Yes. Who is this?" I paused and started listening and then I gave a dramatic tone to my voice and said loudly.

"God damn it! Is it today? I thought it was the next Sunday. Fuck me! I’m in Athens man. I’ll go get a suit and I’ll hit the road. If I hurry I’ll be there just before the bride arrives to church." Then I hang up the phone and looked at Calypso.

"I’m sorry baby but my cousin is getting married in Thessalonica. I thought it was the next Sunday. I must leave now. I’m so very sorry."

"It’s ok! Calypso said. But promise me that you’ll drive carefully."

"Ok baby! I’ll call you when I arrive in Thessalonica just to tell you that I’m ok. And I’ll call you tomorrow to go out. Ok baby? Gotta go now. Bye!" I said and gave her a small kiss in the lips.

Within a minute I was driving away from her house. I thanked silently my good friend that "called" me to tell me about the imaginary wedding. I needed an excuse to get the hell out of Calypso’s house and earlier I text him to call me after an hour. I drove back to my apartment and started checking for doctors and psychologists. For my good luck I found a business card from an urologist that I did her a favor with my political connections. I called her right away. She was very happy to hear from me and I asked her if it was possible to examine me this day. I said to her that it was real important and that I would explain to her face to face my problem. She gave me her address and hang up.

I took a long bath, cleaning carefully my cock and my ass. After all I was going to see a doctor. Then I drove to her place. The doctor’s name was Catherine and she was in her early 40s. She made me feel comfortable because I was hesitating to speak to her. She said about the doctor-patient confidentiality. Then I told her. She suggested that my problem might be mental but she wanted to examine me physically and then she would order me to do some tests.

We went in a small room that was her office and I started undress. She asked me to sit and open my legs in order to check my prostate. She put on a glove and took some lub and then gently placed her finger in my asshole. She told me that it was ok to have an erection and she started massaging my prostate. My cock grew and was hard as a steel rod. I was feeling her finger as she was searching for any problems and I saw my cock throbbing and getting stiffer. My nuts were hard and demanded a cum release that wasn’t coming. The doctor pulled out her finger and sighed.

"Your prostate is fine. Good size and all work well. I don’t understand though why you didn’t ejaculate. I’ll write down an order for some medical exams." She said and looked at my cock with not so medical attention. "Oh my god! Your cock needs to cum. I see your balls are hard and your cock is throbbing."

"Sorry for that doc." I said with a flush in my cheeks.

"You have nothing to be sorry for. It’s normal. But your penis needs to cum. Here let me fetch a small medical urine box and you must ejaculate inside. Your sperm should be tested too." She said and went to a small closet. In a moment she gave me the box and stared at my cock.

"Doctor can you go out?" I asked her while noticing her eyes being fixed at my ready to cum cock.

"For medical reasons I must watch the procedure." She said hastily and I heard her taking a deep breath.

"But I feel embarrassment. I can’t do it while you watching."

"Then I’ll do it for you." She said and with her hand touched my cock’s shaft. Within seconds I was cumming and having a huge orgasm. My cum went all over the place except the medical box. I saw a big smile in her lips while she was still stroking my cock with gentle moves.

"Oh my!" she said and moaned. "I think you better shoot your sperm inside the box next time and in order to understand your problem I must absolutely watch you in live action. So I’ll call a nurse I know to come here. Don’t worry she is beautiful and she would love to participate to this medical test."

I looked at her in awe and started to realize the meaning of her words. Her breathing was deep and she had a flush in her cheeks. Then I checked her body. For a forty plus year old woman she had a great body and in good shape. Her breasts were small but firm and through her robe I was pretty sure that I could see her nipples which were hard and had a deep red color. Her hand continued to stroke my cock and it didn’t get soft. She saw me examining her body and smiled.

"Do you like what you see? I’m positive that last night you had some fun. Your sperm wasn’t milky enough." She said and with her other hand she caressed my balls.

"Yes I like what I see but I have a girlfriend."

"So? We do it for medical reasons. And I really need to exam your sperm. Just wait here a sec and I’ll call my friend." She said and headed to the telephone.

She dialed a number and spoke briefly with a woman. Then she turned her attention to me. I was amazed and shocked and didn’t do anything to cover my nudity. But my cock was demanding a further relief. Her eyes gazed my hard cock and her tongue get out of her mouth with a small slurping noise. Then she started to unbutton her medical robe and I saw that she was only wearing a small black skirt and a white shirt without a bra. She removed the robe and her shirt and her small breasts were exactly as I had imagined them. Her nipples were large and erected. At her view my cock throbbed.

"I’ve never been with an older woman." I said.

"Then that might be the problem." She giggled while taking off her skirt and her tiny underwear, revealing a shaven fat pussy.

She came to me and grabbed my cock giving it some fast and strong strokes. That was it! I couldn’t deny my lusty intentions any longer. I lowered my hand to her pussy and felt how wet she was. She pushed me down to the medical bed and with a swift move she drove my cock in to her pussy. She must have been very horny because I didn’t meet any resistance when my cock-shaft disappeared inside her. Then she started with slow circling moves to ride my cock. With both hands I grabbed her tits and caressed her hard nipples while her hands used my stomach in order to control her movement.

"Oh god! I haven’t had a hard rod in my pussy for a long time. Mmmmmmmmm! I’m so wet. I’m dripping my juices to your fat cock." She said.

Then she started moving fast up and down my cock building more pleasure. While doing this she lifted her feet on the medical bed and leaned towards me. She put her hands on my neck and I felt pressure while she was humping my cock. The pressure at my neck wasn’t choking but enough to stimulate me.

"Do you have diabetes?" She asked moaning.

"No!" I answered feeling my cock getting harder.

"Do you take any antidepressants or drinking a lot of alcohol?"

"Oh fuck no!"

"Do you have any allergies or high blood pressure?"

"I’m allergic to wasps and bees. Normal blood pressure."

"NO!!! Damn no good… Yes. Ughhhhhhhh! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

I didn’t quit understand the exact meaning of her last sentence. But I started thrusting her harder; meeting her movement. With a final moan she started choking me while I felt her pussy spasming around my cock. Her juices started dripping to my balls. I was gasping for air but she wouldn’t leave my neck. With my hands I grabbed hers and pushed them away from my neck and starting breathing heavily.

"Take small breaths." she said and dismounted my cock.

Her pussy was steel dripping and she started rubbing it shamelessly in front me. Then she took some of her juices and placed two fingers in to her asshole. My cock was throbbing in the air and I saw her lying on the desk with her fingers still in her ass. She shook her ass and moaned. I took the hint and walked holding my cock with one hand towards her. I saw her removing her fingers from her ass and holding with both hands her butt-cheeks. I inserted my cock in to her asshole when I felt resistance I backed a bit. Soon all the shaft was deep in her ass. I let it there just for her to get used to its feeling and then I started ramming her fast. Ten minutes later her asshole was having an orgasm as did her pussy which she was fingering it.

"Shit Catherine you started without me!" I heard a familiar voice from behind me.

I didn’t want to turn around. But I heard her approaching me. I tried not to panic and screamed an order.

"Don’t come any closer mom!"

"Holy crap! John is that you?"

"Yes, I said. Can you please look the other way?"

Then I grabbed my underwear and pants and put it on hastily without looking at her. Catherine was awed too. I looked at my mother feeling ashamed. My mother’s eyes went from me to Catherine and then back to me. Catherine was in shock. She didn’t even got dressed and her mouth was wide open.

"Marry I didn’t know. I swear." Catherine started saying.

"Of course you didn’t." My mother interrupted her. "If you did then you wouldn’t had invited me here."

My mother was 44 years old at that time and she was very beautiful. She had me in her sweet sixteen. She was now shaking her head in doubt, looking at my hard on.

"What’s wrong with my son?" she asked.

"Well I believe that he has an Anejaculation disorder. He can’t cum without stroking and medically he is healthy. He needs to talk to a psychologist or a sex therapist."

My anger overwhelmed me.

"You fucking bitch! You knew it. All of you fucking bitches just want to use me. To take advantage of me. And you mom? You cheat on dad? No. Don’t answer that. I don’t want to know right now. Catherine you get me a psychologist or a sex therapist right now. And he must be male or else I’ll have your license for lunch."

Getting that mad made my cock to get soften and I relaxed a little. My mother knew that my voice was absolute. She stated that fact to Catherine who she got dressed and started looking her telephone books. Twenty minutes passed and I had smoke four cigarettes already trying not to think about my mother’s situation. Apparently it never left my mind. I was ready to confront her when Catherine gave me the phone. I spoke with a sexologist for about ten minutes. He told me that my problem wasn’t that rare. It begun because I masturbated a lot and that my cock needed to feel something else than my palm. When I explained to him that if a woman masturbates me I sometimes ejaculate he said that I was in a good way. It would just take some time in order for me to feel comfortable with a woman and then start slowly and patiently letting her stroking my cock in to her mouth or pussy or ass. He told me that I needed to spent time with a woman that would understand my problem. I thanked him and hang up.

I looked at my mother angrily and said goodbye. Before leaving I heard her crying and returned and hugged her. She was sobbing and murmuring an apology. Then she told me that she and dad haven’t touched each other for over six years and that he was having affairs. She even told me that she had pictures with him and his mistresses. She was just staying with him because of my eight year old sister. Then I asked her to come with me and I drove to my parent’s house. On our way I tried to convince my mother to get a divorce because she didn’t love my father anymore and she agreed.


In the house we talked all together and then I explained my sister that even if the grown ups are having a divorce that didn’t mean they don’t love her. Suddenly my mobile rang and it was Calypso. I hadn’t realized that time passed. When I answered I heard her voice being furious.

"My friend Sonya saw you with an older woman in your car here in Athens. You are a fucking liar and a bastard."

"It was my mom. I interrupted her. Just listen to me. She and my dad just decided to divorce and I was explaining my little sister that they both love her. And no there was no marriage to Thessalonica and I know that the supposed "friend" of mine that called me this morning, just called you and there was no Sonya."

"How do you know that?" she asked truly amazed.

"Because I know he is an ass. Listen. Did you felt my pillow wet?"

"Well as a matter of fact I did." She answered and now her voice sounded calmer.

"I was crying all night my love. That’s why. I have a problem. I can’t cum without masturbation. My mother is a nurse and decided to talk to her. I went to an urologist friend of my mother and then I talked to a psychologist. It’s nothing physical thank god but mental. I want you to help me my love. I truly do.

"You called me my love twice."

"Yes I did. And I want to explain to you face to face about my problem."

"That’s why you didn’t cum last night!" she stated. "And I thought it was my fault."

"No my love. And that’s why I was crying. Because I couldn’t do what you were asking me. And I guess because I wanted to so badly. The point is Calypso that…"

"I love you too John." She said.

"I love you Calypso and I would like to introduce you to my family and I would like you to help me with my problem."

"Where is the address? I’m coming there!" she said and I heard the true excitement in her voice. I gave her the address and closed the phone. Then I went to my mother to talk to her in order we could tell the story right to Calypso…









Ejaculation Problem